New to Boxing?

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I was interested in boxing and had some questions – it turned out a good friend of mine has been boxing for a while now and he helped me get some answers.

Gear – what should i start with? what is the importance of boxing gear?
The importance of the right gear is as important as the right tires for your car. You definitely don’t want to skimp when it comes to gloves. If you do, then you could end up breaking your knuckles or worse yet, your wrist. Boxing gloves are sized by traditional sizes (medium, large) and by weight. Typically a good all purpose weight is 16 ounces. The reason I say 16 ounces is because this is the weight that is acceptable for sparring. While you may not be sparring now, you will have the right gloves when you are ready to throw down. When starting get some gloves with some good padding and wrist support. I love the Rival line of boxing gloves as they seem to fit… you guessed it.

Training – what should i look at in a boxing club?
Picking a boxing club is an important decision and it all depends on personal preference. When I was in Vegas their wasn’t much for my likes. There were some Gyms with heavy bags but I deserve more. I am a horrible self-train type guy and need others in a class setting to motivate me. I was so happy to finally come back home to San Diego to my home – The Boxing Club is perfect for beginners and for experienced boxers. They have classes morning noon and night so being in a group setting was no problem. I also take personal lessons from Dynamite Danny Perez who is a very patient teacher. Unfortunately, Danny is too quick for old T-Bone, so my sparring times with him look like a cartoon. When picking a club, get one that doesn’t have a bunch of guys trying to knock people out. You want to learn and its hard to learn when you are looking up at the guy you are sparring with. Also, I have to tell you, get some really good protective head gear and a mouth piece.

Results – what kind of results should i expect?
Results come quick if you stick with it. If you want a quick snappy punch then work on the triceps and stay away from working the biceps. If you want quick hand speed try the speed bag or substitute with focus mitt drills. I personally can attest that I saw very positive results in a compressed amount of time. I was most interested in doing a fight night so I was doing sparring sessions so I could be ready for a punch or two. I also want to be quick and trim so I do classes and a little (very little) self training sessions. Bottom line when training is to be patient. If something hurts then take some time off. It’s great to show off the fruits of your labor with a tight fitting shirt. Jaco Clothing has some of the best fight shirts. In my mind they are head and shoulders above Affliction. Check out the great line of Jaco Shirts.