Gear You Will Need to Buy For Boxing

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If you are new to boxing, then you might not be fully aware what the essential boxing gear is to buy. There are reasons why certain items are essential and it’s not simply about looking good. You need to be very safety aware when boxing and therefore buy equipment that will keep you safe. Boxing gloves, punch bags, boxing stands, speed bags, heavy bags, standing bags are the various items that you are going to need to kick start your boxing career. In fact you can check out some of the best boxing clubs like NY sports club, LA fitness or Crunch to know what the possible boxing gear are that one can need to train and practice boxing.

Boxing Gloves

The chief skill of boxing is using the hands to hit the rival as hard as possible. The bones of the hand can break if you do not use any protective gear while punching the competitor. As a matter of fact you will not be allowed to take part in the training or a boxing competition without putting on a pair of boxing gloves. The general problem that the boxing gloves normally combat is called “blunt force trauma”. The usage of boxing gloves was initiated in the year of 1863. Speed gloves, sparring gloves, bag gloves and fight gloves are different types of boxing gloves that are used widely. There are brands like Havoc, Adidas, Grant and Cleto Reyes who manufacture some of the best quality boxing gloves.

Punch Bags

Punch bags are the most important gear that any boxer would need at the time of training and practice. Trouncing the punch bag for round about 20mins or half an hour everyday and three to four times a week is probably the most effective way too improve the respiratory and cardiovascular system of any boxer. As they increase your heart rate sufficiently you end up becoming a boxer with extreme stamina. Speed bags, Maize bags and Focus bags are some of the light weight bags simply perfect for the budding boxers. There are heavy bags as well which are popular among the seasoned players of the boxing game. Bodymax, T-sport and Lonsdale are some of the brands who manufacture good punch bags.

Boxing Shoes and Boxing Ring

Boxing shoes are essential part of boxing gear and this often saves the boxer from all sorts of injuries. At the same time the shoes need to be very comfortable and free from all sorts of problems like shoe bites and blisters. Boxing are just the inevitable part of a boxing game. This is a high platform where two boxers compete. There are different types of boxing rings available in the market that are manufactured keeping into mind the needs and requirement of the customer.

These are the various boxing gear that you need to own if you are serious about taking boxing as a hobby or profession. It is always advisable to buy the branded gear from reputed shops as they are going to be life time possessions.