A Boxing Workout Program Could Get You In The Shape Of Your Life!

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To be successful at boxing you first must prepare your mind. The oftentimes talked about “Heart” of a great fighter first begins with his belief in himself, and this belief helps him to have the “Heart” to succeed.

With the true “Heart” of a champ, you will discipline yourself to be a winner. You will not give up when the going gets tough. Instead YOU will become tougher, and keep on going. Remember, “every champion has become the champ against all odds”. So MIND PREPERATION must be part of Your Boxing Workout Program from the very beginning.

Day one, and every single day after, you must tell yourself that You are going to be, and in fact are becoming the greatest middleweight, or heavyweight, or lightweight, (whatever) that’s ever been! Begin now to train your mind to become a great fighter. And remember DISCIPLINE in all aspects of your life is your KEY. Without it, you can’t hope to be a GREAT fighter. Making the above statement SINCERELY to yourself everyday is a MUST DO part of Your Boxing Workout Program.

You will need a gym. It should be a boxing gym. If you can’t find a real boxing gym, or someplace very similar, you will need to “create” for yourself a training camp. This is very important to your program. The “place” that you do your boxer’s workout must make you FEEL like a boxer. If you cannot find a real boxing gym, or you cannot “make it” to a real boxing gym then bring the gym to you. There are things you will need. These things will cost a little money, (not an awful lot), and, if you purchase quality boxing gear it will last a long time. A Boxing Workout Program is NOT and SHOULD NOT be expensive.

A garage, or even a place in your basement will be your first choice for your training “camp”. Whichever place you choose you will need to be able to hang a heavy bag. This punching bag is necessary to develop powerful punches, stamina, and strength. It is also required to practice accurate and smooth combination punching. This can NOT be overlooked. You MUST have a heavy bag to train. However, until you are able to buy, beg, or steal, a suitable heavy bag, there are still many things you can do to begin Your Boxing Workout Program.

You will also need a Speed Bag and Speed Bag Platform. A quality set of these can be had for less than about a hundred dollars, and they will last Indefinitely. Your reflexes, coordination, and hand to eye timing will increase dramatically, as well as gaining strength in your shoulders.

A Jump rope will be your next investment, and they too are inexpensive and will last a real long time if you take care of it. One size does NOT fit ALL. Be careful that you purchase one that is the right size for you. You will become discouraged fast if you are trying to jump rope with a rope that is too big or too small. Learning to jump rope, and using this exercise in your boxing workout program will help to train your heart, (cardiovascular system), and legs, and teach timing, so you will be light on your feet, and always feel “centered”, and balanced.

You will also need running shoes. Quality running shoes will provide your feet and ankles support. You will need this support as you do your roadwork every other day in your training. Roadwork will train your heart and body and mind to “go the distance”. Road work will train your cardio system and give you the stamina you need to stay strong during your workouts and sparring rounds.

A good book, written by a knowledgeable trainer, or writer who has researched the subject, should also be on your list. This book should explain how you use the “gear” I’ve mentioned above. It should explain the “basics” of boxing – How and when to throw the various punches you will be practicing – How to hold your hands and move on your feet – And how to work through the various drills in Your Boxing Workout Program.

With commitment, and practice, and of course a sensible diet you will begin to look and feel like a boxer. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the mirror you will need to watch yourself as you practice the jab, and cross, and uppercut, and hook, and various other moves typical of a boxer. This is very important, and must not be overlooked!

You can be fit, lose weight, and get in the best shape of your life following the tried and true, (tested for over a hundred years!), Boxing Workout Program!

My name is Doug LaLonde. Though I don’t write a Boxing Blog any longer, I still work out regularly following a boxer’s workout and of course I follow the Zone Diet Basics concept of nutrition to stay in “fighting trim”.